Bodhi Charms – VJ WELLNESS Edition

Crystal Mala Meditation.

Ease your mind. Inhale through your mouth. Exhale through your nose. Focus on a positive intention. Repeat that intention in your mind moving along the crystals of a 108-stone Mala necklace with your thumb and index finger.

A Mala necklace will aid you as a mental anchor through the mediation. Crystals will amplify your positive intentions.

You don't have to follow a certain belief to use a Mala bracelet as a tool to strengthen your mind. Repeating a positive intention or motivating phrase over and over will trigger your subconscious mind and support your focus on what's important to you.


Mala Necklaces.

Our Bodhi Charms Malas are lovely pieces of jewelry, that can be worn around the neck or looped around your wrist.

108 genuine, hand-picked gemstones and an exclusive 925 Sterling Silver guru bead on an extra-durable elastic string create precious showpieces with a unique, magical aura.

925 Sterling Silver spacer beads between each gemstone provide for a perfect experience when you move along the string with your thumb while meditating.

Following our holistic approach, we’ve added lava bead as a carrier for aroma therapy oils.

crystal mala necklace amethyst rose quartz clear quartz

Wrap Bracelets.

Like our Mala Necklaces, Bodhi Charms Wrap Bracelets are hand-strung by Kantonese artisans and an example for uncompromising quality and craftsmanship.

They comfortably fits twice around most wrists and feature genuine gems and a lava bead for aroma therapy oils. The gura beads and spacer beads are made of 925 Sterling Silver.

Perfect for a Crystal Mala Mediation on-the-go. In a office waiting room. In the metro. In a Cafe waiting for your coffee. During an Uber ride. Put aside your cell and nourish your mind with silence and good intentions.



For this very special edition of Mala Necklace and Wrap Bracelet, we’ve let ourselves be inspired by the best-selling VitaJuwel WELLNESS blend.


Advised by yogis and masters in crystal healing, we've designed these pieces based on the unique energies of royal purple Amethyst, fair and lovely Rose Quartz and 128-cut and faceted Clear Quartz.


Amethyst opens the mind and stands for spirituality and protection. Rose Quartz opens your heart for self-love, friendship and romance. Clear Quartz is a master healing crystal and very strongly manifests intentions. It amplifies whatever energy is programmed into it.

Crystal Bracelets.

Our collection of Bodhi Charms Crystal Bracelets are tailored to aim at very special intentions.

Crystal healing traditions reach back thousands of years and have been practiced by numerous cultures.

Following those traditions, we’ve created a variety of bracelets for everyday use.