Peace, Love & Vagabond Holiday Shopping


Peace, Love, and Joy to you this Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays!

Did you realize that there are only 6 days till Christmas? 

Yes, the countdown has started, and maybe you were an "early bird" and finished all your Christmas Shopping and are sitting pretty sipping on Coquito and streaming your favorite Christmas Music.

But if you are like me, and  "just didn't get to it", and are just now really feeling the pinch of the calendar, then boy, do I have the holiday first-aid kit for you.

$12 "one size fits all" jewelry gift ideas that won't break the bank, with Free Shipping.

And even though, at this late hour, it may not make it in time, I particularly enjoy receiving gifts well into Three Kings Day.

Remember, it's the thought that counts, and we have a long list of $12  items to ensure you get that "Feel-Good-Giving" sensation.

Interested in styles that are not on our $12 Collection ? 

No problem, we are offering 30% off on anything
in the store that is not normally on Sale.  

Our Holiday Gift to you! 

(you can now snag those Greek Handmade Leather Sandals you've been eyeing)

Holiday Discount code:  DECEMBER2020

While buying gifts for everyone on your list is great,
don’t forget to treat yourself!

Happy Holidays,

Bande de Vagabonds


checkout code: DECEMBER2020

This is the perfect time to pick up all the products
you’ve been eyeing.

Happy Shopping, xoxo


Have a question about any of our products or shipping strategy? 
Drop Us A Line.



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