Soul Tatts - Metallic Temporary Tattoos

The Only metallic temporary tattoo sheet you need right now comes from this fun brand in Puerto Rico. We have all the hard to find, greatest metallic tattoo styles.

DIY with our Soul Tatts Metallic Flash Temporary Tattoos are the best fashionable, fun way to channel in your unique inner Diva. Decorate  with the best styles your skin craves for  in shiny art that all the great fashion stars and celebrities, like Beyonce , do.  Be your fashion stylist,  and direct where to put and how to design your body tattoo jewelry with our fabulous designs from Soul Tatts, Puerto Rico.

I love playing with these all year long,
 but the summer months tend to intensify my desire, and perfect for any occasion.

Now, more than ever, do I need some fun, magic, and whimsy in my life.

How about you?  Need to glitter shine and add some fun in your life?
(eliminate the seriousness in the air by shining your inner and outer light!)

*Temporary metallic tattoos that can be worn as jewelry.

The perfect finishing touch to your total look!  Transform yourself!

Mix and match for even more fun and a super stylish and unique look
Wear them on your wrists, ankles, upper arms, neck, back, legs...

Safe to apply and lasts 4 to 6 days.