The only 3 Pieces of Jewelry you need for the summer



Jewelry, I love it, it changes and defines your look in an instant. Gold or Silver necklaces earrings rings and any shell jewelry is your summer jewelry arsonry for summer. Turkish jewelry always seems to fit any summer look, and I know just where to buy jewelry: the earrings rings and necklaces you need for your bohemian style.  I know, summer style is about light pieces, no fuss, and keeping it to a minimum.  And with our new "lock-down" beauty and wellness routine habits transformed into"Just the basics, mam", planning your summer outfit down to the right accessories may seem like way too much work.  

So to keep it simple, here are my 3 summer jewelry picks from Bande de Vagabonds . com  

Dress in white and add freshness and summer fine style with these pieces.  Or surprise your colleagues on your next Zoom call when you show up with your  exotic vacation flair to your usual button-down "office blouse".   Adds instant credibility to long flowing skirts and dresses, sunshine to your bathing suit with your pina colada in hand, or a classy pick up to your denim cutoffs and ribbed tank.   The options are endless.

I promise you a ton of compliments with these 3 pieces added to your summer vibe.   And they are all available at   


gold colored thick adjustable band ring with turquoise gemstone . paired with cowrie shell or puka shell necklace with gold accent plating in the shell grooves with adjustable cord and acrylic half moon hook earrings with a mixed pattern of turquoise blue, boho jewlry, summer jewlery


1 - Turquoise & Tortoiseshell colored Acrylic Crescent moon big hook earrings. 

earrings with mixed blue turquoise white and brown acrylic half moon or dangle earrings with hook to slip in ear hole easy. Very light and a statement earring that matches everything or goes with anything you wear.


2 - Natural cowrie shell with gold plating,  cord necklace.  (shown here with the coolest initial pendant necklace and shell bracelets also found on )

cowrie shell or puka shell or white shell necklace perfect for summer style. with cord fastener and gold plating around each shell. Also our bamboo letter gold initial pendant for your neck. Beautiful gold and shell jewelry for bohemian style


3 - Turkish gold brass ring with turquoise colored gem. 


gold colored thick band made of brass with hammered design and turquoise round circular stone set in the middle of this adjustable sized ring that is made in turkey.



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