About Us

This is us.
Why did we choose the name Bande de Vagabonds?   Despite the difficulty in its spelling, it's length, and basically, every piece of advice that was given on why NOT name the brand something so obscure?   It's the feeling that we belong everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. 
Somehow, the more we are pushed against something, the more we want to run towards it.
It's basic human nature, "the more you persist, the more we resist".
The unusual, the different, or simply,  the joy in breaking rules.
 It's all an illusion anyway.
All "those"  lines drawn are invisible.
Is there weight in the advice, sure, we are not naïve enough to think otherwise.
However, it didn't matter.  
It's the feeling that I belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time. 
My passport has a couple rounds of extended pages, and there was no trip I could not figure out how to pull off.
Every adventure found me picking up a piece of jewelry that, till today, is still worn.
I get to relive each trip, and all the amazing and sometimes, almost unbelievable adventures through each piece worn.
 A sort of "Journal", through treasurers.
Though you may not have picked up one of our pieces in Turkey, France, Thailand, India, or any other amazing country we do. 
We've picked them up for you, and maybe, for just a moment, the energy will delight you and take you away.
Bande de Vagabonds is French for a Band (group) of wanderers, free spirits.
Shall we?