Where to Buy Vintage Jewelry Online ( The big list of over 80+ and growing shops)

If vintage is your line of style in fashion, no worries! You can easily find vintage jewelry online with different styles and price range.

Below we've created a big list of vintage jewelry shops you can peruse. 

Bande De Vagabonds 

Bande De Vagabonds is a Guam Headquartered curated jewelry shop. Pieces are acquired while exploring the world. Every curated piece has a story and point of origin. While shopping at Bande De Vagabond you're not just buying vintage jewelry your buying treasures sourced by world travelers.


Metier is a San Francisco based online store that offers a various collection of vintage jewelry for men and women such as bracelets, rings, necklace, charms and pendants and other types of customized ornaments. With the Metier collection, you will find some of the unique designed jewelry at a reasonable cost in the market.

Erstwhile Jewelry

It all started in the seaside district of Russia to expand in many countries all over the world. The Erstwhile jeweler is also a provider of rare stone, which means that it is your big chance to own a vintage piece of jewelry.

Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke was founded in London in 2007 to celebrate fine jewelry in all makes including vintage and new trends. The Astley Clarke jewelry collection showcases Britishness with attention to details and masterpieces that are classic and easy to wear.

Daisy London

With the Daisy London vast jewelry collection, you will find different types of vintage jewelry in minimalist design and unique features. Check out the store’s bestseller section for new trends and vintage collection.

Browns Fashion

If you want to achieve a sophisticated and classic look, check out the Browns Fashion. They offer designer jewelry with a touch of vintage and modern trend.


Otiumberg was founded by the Londoner sisters Christie and Rosanna Wollenberg which aims to help shoppers own a vintage or modern jewelry for as low as 300GBP.

Dover Jewelry and Diamonds

Dover Jewel and Diamonds were founded two generations ago and has collected various pieces of personal ornaments from vintage to contemporary. It is also the home to most famous designers Tiffany & Co, Cartier, and other famous designers.


The Rubylane collection features over 200 000 types of jewelry - from vintage to modern. Shop at this online jewelry store for a wide selection of vintage jewelry.


Pippin is one of New York's hidden gems with a wide selection of vintage and antique jewelry of different designs and features. The online store features a small curated jewelry collection with a unique theme and design.

Doyle & Doyle

For couples who are looking for vintage themed engagement and wedding rings, Doyle & Doyle is the virtual store that you should visit.

Lang Antiques

Lang Antiques is a San Francisco based jewelry store that offers a vast collection of vintage engagement rings. With the vintage ring collection, you will find the best ring for your special someone.

Vip Gioielli

Vip Gioielli offers jewelry that is characterized by pure beauty and remarkable value. In this virtual store, you will vintage jewelry that tells a story about the past 20th century.

Molly’s Loft

If you love collecting pre-owned jewelry with full character, check out Molly’s Loft! This online jewelry store offers pre-owned vintage and modern collections of unique jewelry.


Nouveau houses the most extensive collection of antique and vintage jewelry in Milwaukee. Check out their online store to gain virtual access to their unique collection.


Beladora has been in the jewelry business for 30 years and has expanded into the digital world since 2007. It is the home to fine vintage jewelry with the lowest markup and best return policy in the market.

Wellington & North

Nominated as a finalist for "Best New Online Retailer" and "Online Retailer of the Year" in the 2018 Oria Awards. Wellington & North takes pride in classic and vintage jewelry with glamour and beauty.

Long’s Jeweler

Long’s features vintage jewelry collection from different designers. They offer high-quality jewelry and remarkable service.


Pandora has over 1000 collection of jewelry, including vintage and modern. With this collection, you can confidently pick the most exquisite vintage jewelry of your choice.


1stDibs has an incredible collection of vintage and contemporary jewelry from website partners Macklowe Gallery and Hancock’s London. This is your chance to purchase rare vintage jewelry that may not be available in other online stores.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is another online where you can find different types of vintage jewelry. It has at 25 000 vintage jewelry items uploaded by sellers every week.


If you like custom made jewelry that is designed uniquely, check out Etsy! With the store's thousands of jewelry collection, you can surely choose a unique masterpiece.

Haute Vintage Jewels

Haute Vintage Jewels specialize in vintage and antique jewelry and offer a wide selection of fine gold, sterling silver, and designer jewelry. This is a perfect store to shop at if you like a mixture of contemporary and vintage jewelry.


Eragem offers an extensive collection of pre-owned jewelry in all era. The store has a spanning selection of jewelry from the 1800s up to present.


Although the specialty of Dresslily is on apparel and accessories, you will be surprised by the store's vintage jewelry collection.


Capucinne is the jewelry brand of MinimalVS from Slovenia. It specializes in fine and vintage jewelry with a touch of modern design and minimalism.


Levys was established around WWII and later on expanded to the digital world. They have an extensive collection of impressive vintage jewelry and other accessories.

Shane Co.

For jewelry with exclusive style and design, Shane Co. is a one-stop online store. It offers excellent quality vintage and contemporary jewelry that can last a lifetime.

Joseph Robert Jewelers

This is a Connecticut based online jewelry store that features fine vintage jewelry. Joseph Robert Jewelers has a collection of vintage condition jewelry from auctions, estate jewelry, and jewelry store.

Open for Vintage

Open for Vintage have curated the best necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings from famous designers all over the world. They have the finest vintage jewelry collection in their physical store, which is also featured in the virtual store.


eBay is one of the most popular selling platforms for vintage jewelry of different makes and prices. Most people who sell vintage items on eBay only sell authentic items.

The Vintage Compact Shop

The Vintage Compact Shop is another online store that specializes in antique and vintage jewelry. They also offer a free gift wrapping service and fact guide about your chosen vintage gift.

Butter Lane Antiques

Butter Lane Antiques is based in Manchester, England. With their virtual shop, you will have the privilege to access their selection of English antique and vintage jewelry.

Sarah's Vintage & Estate Jewelry, Inc.

At Sarah’s Vintage & Estate Jewelry, you will find an ever-changing selection of estate and vintage jewelry from the 1880s to 1980s. Each masterpiece in the store is carefully hand chosen by Sarah, a graduate gemologist.

Evearts Jewelers

Evearts Jewelers was established in 2001 in the heart of Philadelphia. This jewelry store actively seeks vintage jewelry and has a various collection of excellent quality pre-owned ornaments.

Blue Velvet Vintage

Blue Velvet Vintage offers vintage costume jewelry for a unique accent to modern and vintage clothing. This is the virtual place for retro jewelry!

Trufaux Jewels

For exquisite vintage costume jewelry, Trufaux Jewels are one of the best options. It has a classic collection of vintage necklaces, brooches, earrings, rings, and other jewelry.

Annie Sherman Vintage Jewelry

Annie Sherman Vintage Jewelry offers vintage costume jewelry at an affordable price. Annie, herself is passionate about jewelry and design. She will give you advice on what is the perfect vintage jewelry for you.

Carole Tanenbaum

Carole Tanenbaum has an enormous collection of vintage costume jewelry, which is around 30 000 pieces. If you want a unique jewel, this one is for you! It features the highest quality treasures with designs and limited editions.

Trumpet and Horn

Trumpet and Horn (also known as T&H) specializes in vintage engagement rings and ring reproduction. All jewelry sold by T&H is eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

Vintage Fine Jewellery

Vintage Fine Jewellery will impress you with its collection of around 2000 pieces of elegant vintage jewelry. The store specializes in vintage jewelry, which can give you a higher possibility of owning a unique jewel.

Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate Diamond Jewelry offers the rarest collection of vintage jewelry in the world. This is also one of the most recommended online shops to find an engagement ring.

Lilly’s Vintage Jewelry

Lilly’s Vintage Jewelry specializes in vintage costume jewelry, which is personalized to your liking. Lilly's has a vast collection of costume jewelry which will allow you to spot the best one.

Gilded Trifles

Gilded Trifles is an online jewelry store that sells vintage and antique jewelry of different designs and style at an affordable price. The store offers a wide variety of vintage jewelry in good condition and with all stones present and accounted for.

Sharon’s Vintage Jewelry

If you're looking for the jewelry with classic vintage design, Sharon’s Vintage Jewelry will never fail you. Watch out for the featured items for bigger discounts.

1928 Jewelry

1928 Jewelry is an online store that specializes in clothing, accessories, and jewelry. The store has various collection of vintage jewelry with different styles and price points.

Vintage Tom

Vintage Tom is a UK based online jewelry store with a beautiful collection of vintage ornaments that can fit whatever lifestyle you are living at. Here you will find unique jewelry at an affordable price.

Laurelle Antique Jewellery

Laurelle Antique Jewellery has loyal customers for 15 years. We can deduce that their selections of vintage and contemporary jewelry are amazing!

Gatsby Jewellery

Here is where you can find unique engagement rings that are vintage and contemporary. Gatsby Jewellery offers free delivery in the UK.


Berganza’s online store offers an extensive collection of ancient and early jewelry. The store features its latest acquisitions from time to time. Make it a point always to check the section.


Maxon has been in business since 1972. They buy and sell estate and vintage jewelry at a reasonable price.

Market Square Jewelers

Shop at Market Square for vintage jewelry from different historical periods paired with unique and special gemstones from all over the world.

Sandra Cronan

Sandra Cronan offers a personalized and magnificent jewelry shopping service. This is the place to find a rare collection of antique and vintage jewelry.

Shreve & Co

In 1860, Shreve & Co was established as the finest silver and goldsmiths in America. The store has a spectacular collection of exquisite and vintage jewelry of different styles and price points.


At JTV, you will find pieces of vintage jewelry that are unique and may have fallen out from the public eye but never out of style. Shake up your style with the store's collection of impressive vintage jewelry.


Verragio specializes in engagement rings and wedding bands from different periods. The Verragio will allow you to find the best ring for your special someone.

The Antique Ring Shop

With the Antique Ring Shop, you will find the authentic vintage rings and cocktail rings from the Art Deco period to the retro mid-century fashion of the 1940s and 1950s. Browse the vintage and retro ring collection to find out more!


66mint offers the most beautiful and elegant vintage jewelry at an exceptional value. This is a family owned jewelry store that promises excellent and honest service.

The Three Graces

The Three Graces has an extensive collection of diamonds and gemstone pieces that are unique and unsurpassed with dates of over 25 years. With these exceptional collections, you will find the best gift for your special someone.

Peter Suchy Jewelers

Peter is an expert in vintage jewelry and holds a GIA certification. The Peter Suchy Jewelers showcases various collections of authentic jewelry of different styles and makes.


Rutherford is another jewelry store that specializes in antique, vintage, estate jewelry, pearls, and silver. The store has an excellent reputation with exceptional collections of impressive jewelry pieces.

Gem Set Love

The Gem Set Love jewelry store is another one-stop online shop for vintage recycled and custom jewelry which is carefully curated since for over 24 years. Keep an eye on the new arrival section to find the best deals and the most beautiful piece of vintage jewelry.

100 Ways

100 Ways showcases beautiful vintage jewelry at a fair price. The shop aims to help clients make them feel that they can own whatever piece of jewelry they want.


Allurez features different types of vintage rings with designs and styles that are adaptable to your taste. If you want a unique vintage ring for her, check out the store's collection.

Firenze Jewels

If you’re after GIA certified vintage diamond rings, Firenze can provide you one. All you have to do is browse the collection and pick your style.

Antique Jewelry Mall

The Antique Jewelry Mall is the online home for unique and vintage jewelry with an exclusive collection of birthstones from different eras.

Rutledge Jewelers

Rutledge Jewelers has been in the business for over 30 years. They offer high-quality vintage jewelry that is carefully examined by an expert store jeweler to ensure premium quality.

Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers

Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers is San Diego's largest full-service jewelry store that specializes in vintage, new, designer jewelry, new and pre-owned watches. With these exclusive collections, you will acquire the finest vintage jewelry in the market.

Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Cynthia Findlay Antiques carries antiques that are backed up by extensive knowledge on every piece. It is also the home for meticulously crafted antique and vintage engagement ring.

Van Rijk

Van Rijk is a known buyer, seller, and trader of high-quality estate jewelry that has been in the market for over 30 years. Also, you will be impressed with their vintage collections of elegant diamond rings from the Georgian era and Victorian watches as well.

Reflections Vintage

The Reflections Vintage specializes in curated vintage in all occasions with a diverse blend of old and contemporary style. Each piece of vintage jewelry has been carefully handpicked to showcase style and creativity.

Vicky’s Jewelery

Vicky’s Jewelery is a fine purveyor of vintage and antique jewelry that are unusual. If you want to impress your special someone, shop for them at this vintage store.

Vallie’s Vintage Jewelry

With Vallie’s Vintage Jewelry collection, you will find high end, vintage, designer jewelry, and estate jewelry from all eras.


If you need a wide selection of vintage jewelry from the vintage era, Isadoras is the perfect virtual store for you to visit.


Mayveda takes pride in one of a kind vintage jewelry with a rich history. The store showcases different types of vintage jewelry from different eras.


Invaluable is one of the world’s online marketplaces for fine art, antiques, and other collectibles. This marketplace will give you access to different types of vintage items, including jewelry.


Bonanza is a US-based marketplace for secondhand vintage items. It features 50,000 sellers and 23 million products.


Zibbett features handmade and vintage items. If you are a meticulous jewelry enthusiast, you will enjoy shopping at this shop.


Retrophoria is a marketplace that is dedicated to selling vintage items. Sign up for free, so you can start selling your vintage jewelry.

Haute Vintage Jewels

Haute Vintage Jewels specialize in antique and vintage jewelry and offer various collections of fine gold, sterling silver, ethnic and designer sign jewelry.

Eclectic Vintage

The Eclectic Vintage has been in the jewelry industry since 1998 that offers eclectic collections of vintage jewelry and collectibles. Check out the virtual store to find the most elegant costume jewelry.

Vintage Treasures

Vintage Treasures has an incredible collection of vintage costume jewelry culled from all over the world. Browse the store to view the most glamorous jewelry which can be yours for a reasonable price.


At DHgate.com, you will find vintage costume jewelry on a wholesale price. All vintage jewelry from the shop has good deals.

Live Auctioneers

Shop for vintage jewelry at Live Auctioneers! Here you will world-class collections of vintage jewelry from a different era.

Vintage Online

Vintage Online has 1001 collections of beautifully crafted items from then and now. This is a Melbourne based shop that offers VIP cards for you to get better deals for vintage items.


Boylerpf is another online store that offers classic and vintage jewelry at a reasonable price. They have the most extensive collection of jewelry that spans the most dynamic year of the 20th century.

Vintage Jewelry by Lopez Linarez

With Lopez Linarez vintage jewelry collection, you will feel transported to Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece, and the emblematic Medieval Castles. Here you will find the best choice of vintage jewelry.

Brilliant Earth

At Brilliant Earth, you will find ethically sourced vintage jewelry that never goes out of style. The shop is known to be featured in Forbes and other popular magazines.

Moira Fine Jewellery

With Moira Fine Jewellery, you will find the rarest vintage and antique jewelry online. Check out the store’s latest acquisition to find the best vintage items in the market.

Adin Fine Antique Jewellery

Adin Fine Antique Jewellery houses the most exquisite and beautiful vintage jewelry in the market. Browse the virtual store collection to find out more!

Lippa’s Estate and Fine Jewellery

For exceptional vintage jewelry from different periods, Lippa’s Estate and Fine Jewellery is one of the best options. Visit their online to view their collection.

Filigree Jewelers

Filigree Jewelers specializes in vintage engagement rings and wedding bands. Visit the online store to spot the unique ring for your special someone.

Final Thoughts on Purchasing Vintage Jewelry Online

We hope you enjoyed or constantly growing list of vintage jewelry shops online. Leave us a quick message if you have a favorite listed.

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